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Helping Leaders Navigate A Changing Landscape
 AGeorgeRussell & Associates, we focus on education and management consulting services for local school districts, public agencies, and non-profit organizations. We offer high quality, customized and personalized consultation  tailored to your organization's specific needs. We bring  personal attention and individualized services that you won't find with big consulting firms.  No cookie-cutter solutions and no plug-in templates; we customize our work to meet the needs of your organization. Our "Associates" bring on-the-ground leadership experience and practical knowledge to your organization's needs and challenges. Let us put our experience to work for you.

As a firm, GeorgeRussell & Associates will from time to time associate with longer established and more well-known companies or firms on a project that requires and benefits from a melding of professional services and expertise, and matches well with the service portfolios of both entities.  One such firm is B.W.P and Associates, an executive search firm focusing on superintendent and other senior executive positions in education and public/non-profit agencies.

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